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Can the Internet and TV replaced books. Theoretically, Yes. Just from these two sources, you can get the most relevant information without spending much time. But why bookstores are not empty. People still write and read books. What causes such a love, it would seem that the relic of the past. It's simple. The book is not just a source of information. The book is a teacher, doctor, psychologist, best friend. The book helps to find the right solution. Develops literacy and logic. Only reading books and not using other sources of information, you will be a confident person, which is always interesting. Daily worrying about literary heroes and with them, you become more sensitive, attentive, empathetic. The book will support in a difficult situation, calm the nervous system and harmonizes the mind. Regularly reading books, you get as many emotions and impressions, which are able to give either a constant state of love, which is impossible. Or a regular travel is that expensive. The book also allows you to get everything at once, without leaving home, without spending a dime, because you can download the book for free online. Read books, they teach you to enjoy life.

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