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  • Fifth adventure that ordinary Japanese schoolgirl in ancient Anatolia. First of all, the heroes had to grab for the three days the city, in which there are troops of the Black Prince. A small idea, and

  • & quot; Charlie Chan conducts investigation & quot;

  • 100 great wars

  • 11/22/63

    It's something amazing what he is doing King. Here is the truth. Excellent, exciting, intriguing start. Then an interesting middle. Then a piece of tediousness, which I think will set 3, which generally

  • 13 maniacs

    It has been a year since then, as the first seeds of a new Russian horror, zaronennye "The most terrible book 2014" sprouted. Yes, what! I still do not let me go the second volume of the popular anthology

  • 13 maniacs

    "13 maniacs" - a book that many are even higher than a truly brilliant "the worst Books 2015". Although I categorically do not agree, the collection still came out very interesting. First Maniace Maxim

  • 1900. Legend about the pianist

    interesting flow of the story - in the form of a monologue theater actor. The extraordinary life of the legend of the pianist, who was born and raised on the ship and never play the piano has not been

  • 1984. Animal Farm

    1984 Animal Farm, George Orwell's "1984". The second read dystopia me. The first is "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury. But George has surpassed several meters of good old days for Ray antiutopichnosti.

  • 35 kilos of hope

    When I was 5 years old, my mother always kept telling me that the most important thing in life - to be happy. When I went to school, they asked me what I want to be when you grow up. I wrote "happy." I

  • 451 В° F

    deep, lively and amazing book! You know, books smell like nutmeg orehomA more I thought about books. And for the first time I realized that behind each of them is a man. Man thought harbored a thought.

  • 451 В° F.

    We should all be the same. Not free and equal from birth, as stated in the Constitution, and we just all have to be identical. Let people become similar to each other like two drops of water; then everyone

  • 451 В° F.

  • 451 В° Fahrenheit

    I honestly did not expect that Ray Bradbury wrote so easily. Ya.poznakomilsya with his first work. It impressed me. the author is very clear language and describes a very difficult moral problems of humanity,

  • 50 days before my suicide

    notion of aesthetic standards of taste, proportionality in the literature - the question is not only controversial but also changing with time. A hundred years ago, Roots Chukovsky declared cute story

  • 52 ways to write a bestseller. How to become a famous writer

    Brief guide to use this book: 1) If you do not "very well, an aspiring writer / poet / dramatist", see point 3. 2) read diagonally, to make brief statements in the notebook.. 3) put the book down and not

  • 99 francs

    Everything passes and everything is for sale. The man - a commodity, like everything else, each of us has a shelf life. The film is 99 francs for a long time I have loved and reviewed thousands raz.Zhan

  • A Dance with Dragons. Dreams and dust

    if the cycle ended? But what is, is respect and reverence for the readers. Epic Martinamozhno be called "War and Peace" in fantasy if it had not consisted mainly of "war". But "Mir" there too. Here they

  • A Dance with Dragons. Dreams and dust

    Spoilers! This is too much! The plot on the plot, and all roads lead to the dragon's mouth. That's already the next season of "Game of Thrones" is walking victoriously over the network, and I can not finish

  • A Dog's Heart

    Written with irony, but are unable to gnilaya.Podnyat man from the dog to the genius - it is a tragedy, there is no place for gloating irazocharovaniyu in progress. It did not work with Chugunkin - to

  • A Feast for Crows

    World "thrones, swords" Martin in his own organic and even harmonious, despite the stabbing ... Of course, the saga's popularity has increased many times through the series. ( "Martinutym" will be a lot

  • A Feast for Crows

    And here again a surprise. It seems that Martin not care that it is not the first book in the series, and he, according to the laws of the genre, should be tired iispisatsya :) watching the first season

  • A kaleidoscope of life

    The author was undoubtedly a very bright life full of bright and happy memories. Unlike most Soviet citizens Vsevolod Vladimirovich can be called lucky. He was lucky to survive the siege of Leningrad:

  • A man in search of himself

    Rollo May for some reason is not so popular in Russia, like other analysts, for example, Fromm or Perls. If I had not come across a couple of times on the reference to its name in the works of other authors,

  • A Medicine for Melancholy

    As I read this collection, it hit me for two reasons: 1) I fell out of love short form; 2) Ray Bradbury - not my first avtor.Za somehow even greater pity: yet I used to love stories and novels, and the

  • A School for Fools

    I'm boring. I am old. I'm used to the patterns. I do not take the new form ... if they are. I love the classics - not only in terms of the time of writing the work, but also in terms of its shape. It's

  • A Storm of Swords

    voltage increases in the epic - expected solid Ragnarok. Lords cut each other, evil is activated, and the sea is still blond girl with her ​​dragons and savage. What's over - there will have

  • A Treatise on the Dragons

    Dragons like to drink from a saucer, a straw or straight from the bottle. Whose ever ... The strange thing is I came to hand. At first glance, simply aphorisms lightly seasoned with humor. On the second,

  • A Wizard of Earthsea

    A Wizard of Earthsea - one of my first and favorite fantasy books I just love this book! I read it every 5 or 6, and certainly will again re-read. I like everything: the story, the main character. I love

  • Abgaryan. Manyunya

    book of memoirs about his childhood. Bright, sunny, light and tasty. A few funny stories under one cover, sometimes scary, sometimes a little sad, written with love and nostalgia. Good style and style.

  • About all creatures - large and small

    I am pleased to reread the good old Herriot, and have been assured that the same book at different ages is perceived differently. Reading in the early school years, I must confess, fell asleep on the description

  • About political science

    book was published posthumously. They say it is the author, then spinning in advisors in the Central Committee then engaged in scientific work and writing of the book, suggested supplementing Soviet Marxism

  • About the most important thing with Dr. Myasnikov

    main thing that distinguishes the book by Alexander Myasnikov - this is common sense, lack of water, maximum practicality and Russian realities. If we draw an analogy, this is a Komarovsky for adults.

  • About three whales, and about many other

    stories about the music. Perhaps we should be very familiar with the works referred to in the book. Then it will be interesting to read. While some stories captivated me, and wanted to hear the music they

  • Academy shadows

    a long time I did not come across as a dull book. It seems to be and the characters should be bright enough, and the events surrounding them with a light hand of Fate must boil ... But, but, but ... Because

  • Act. Storybook

    It's just Encyclopedia personality! I remember a stunning effect it produced on me at the time. Each story was a diamond in essence. I recommend it for the required reading in school programme.Nizky bow

  • Adultery

    read the book recently. I can immediately say that in comparison with other books "Adultery" ... too simple story. There is no magic in this book, magic or some kind of twisted plot - only something that

  • Adventure Electronics

    Yeah ... here "Winged swing" and does not smell ... In my memory flashed before reading fragmentary pieces of film from my adolescence. But the book is left on their own, very special track. This is a

  • Adventure Emil i LГ¶nneberga

    In this 2015, has set itself the aim to re-read all the books by Astrid Lindgren. I think it is impossible to remain indifferent to the books of this author. Reading the book, remembering his childhood

  • After three already late

    this book straight to tear citation needed. And distribute to all prospective parents, too, it would be nice. I like the approach of the author, and that you need to learn how to be parents. On good to

  • After three too late to

    book so everything and anything. Author - certainly an interesting man, the founder of Sony, the founder of a certain center of early development, himself the father of a "special" child (by the way, from

  • Age of Jacob

  • Agent of Byzantium

    "alternativke" adjacent to videsskomu cycle - "Agent of Byzantium." Imagine, Constantinople survived, keeping their possessions, Islam originated, Mohammed only Orthodox saint. Byzantine intelligence officer

  • Air Sold

    Small novel grabs from the first pages. Interesting topic, quite a dynamic development of the plot. I especially like the geographer interested in topics of global natural disasters caused by human impact

  • Airport

    This is something incredible! I am a long time delayed the reading was very afraid that I was waiting for tedious reading with lots of details. Fears were justified only in the fact that the details and

  • Alai queen

    "Anyone can become a traitor Anyone can bring." 9 / 10This book - a real hurricane, blowing fast reader in his harsh world, where the concept of equality does not exist. It is a world in which human destiny

  • Albert Likhanov. Collected Works in 6 volumes. Volume 6. None. Svechushka. SATURDAY. The dramatic pedagogy. The philosophy of childhood

    "Svechushka" was ponderous to me in terms of emotions. I feel sorry for people not to know how, and the characters of literary works, too. It was hard to read, as the crumbling life kind and gentle girl

  • Alice in Wonderland. Through the Looking-Glass

    Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass - a wonderful book! I still have not read it, and when I saw in a bookstore, I decided that the time has come. I do not for a moment pozhalkuvala, bought

  • All because Mr. Terrapta

  • All I know about Paris

    Very nice, creates a good mood book about Paris. She wrote her former TV announcer 1kanala all known Jeanne Agalakova. The book describes the architectural beauty of the city. Interesting facts from the

  • All I know about Paris

    Beautiful illustrations, a lot of useful tourist information, kotorayak Besides well structured and not too much text, which is useful in preparing for the trip. if you need to prepare the topic. Agalakova

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